Winter 2014
So I have just started my second winter back in my homeland, OHIO. I am still loving it. I so enjoy the change of seasons! The winter may be cold, but I just find it refreshing and invigorating. I mean, it doesn’t last FOREVER – right!

So after several years of collaboration, my book, "CONFESSIONS OF A DRAG QUEEN TUPPERWARE LADY" is out and available to purchase at Barnes & Noble or Amazon! What a fun project with my friend, Nancy. While still in LA, we would meet for sushi in Toluca Lake and I would tell my stories.

I was approached by a TV production company to do a reality show based on my Tupperware Life. Unfortunately, we could not come to an agreement, creatively or financially. So for now, my story remains my own and not for public display. Terribly exciting however, they were ready to film. Nevertheless, there is much satisfaction and power in telling someone “No”, when standing up for what you believe in. Protection of my brand, my name, my company and my private life is important.

MOST exciting is that I am growing my Tupperware Team here in Ohio and still in Los Angeles. I have great team members, doing Tupperware parties, selling the product and changing lives. It allows them to take charge and steer their own lives. I get such satisfaction helping others achieve their dreams. I achieved mine, now I get to help others do the same. I love it!

Fall 2012
I was just named #2 in Personal Retail sales in Tupperware - USA and Canada at the Tupperware Jubilee in Anaheim, CA. In April I moved back to my hometown Columbus, OH
where I built a home to be closer to family and away from the rat race of Los Angeles. My Tupperware business is thriving and I am already booked 3 months out for parties. I am so grateful that Ohio has embraced my character Dee W. Ieye and I am even finding new avenues for "her" to travel. Entertaining, MC-ing and making personal appearances. I also hope to pursue my career as " Kevin the actor" here. I had such a successful career in television in L.A. - I can only hope Ohio will treat me the same with what they have to offer here. I continue to travel back and forth from Ohio to Los Angeles, doing parties, visiting friends and working on projects. I've become a Bi-coastal celebrity. I think I like it.

4th year as the # 1 Tupperware Sales Rep in USA and Canada – but recently I have had some fierce competition. I am also finding my attention focused on shooting more Videos of Dee W. Ieye and marketing her outside of the Tupperware Sales Banner. My videos are all over YouTube and Facebook. Some are Tupperware product demos – but Barbara Venezia and I are shooting more cooking demos for our Cooking Bits and Bites show on YouTube. Some other works are in the oven for Dee and she still may have her own show. I am also traveling more with my Tupperware Shows more than ever before. I have a huge calling back in Ohio – my hometown -- and I go back 2 times a year to do parties. I was on an episode of CHUCK on NBC in February, ( as Kevin - not Dee ) but more often than not – Dee is the draw. So let’s all make her a household name. I love to play her and people love to see her.

FALL 2010
I am so excited about the new happenings as I enter the Fall of 2010. August found me again with the # 1 position in Personal retail Sales in Tupperware with my character Dee W. Ieye. This is year #4 in a row. USA and Canada !! She's so lovable and I have begun working on projects with Dee outside the world of retail sales. Cooking Bits and Bites can be found on YouTube with my friend Barbara Venezia. We are shooting cooking episodes to entertain ourselves and all our online loyal supporters. Fun stuff - great recipes. More to come... Look for us on And Hollywood continues to be interested in Dee - the blonde from Tennessee --- So we will see -- will Dee get her own show ???? Lets keep our lashes crossed. Be sure to visit also to see what's up in Dee's life and to see her video's and latest photo's !!!!

Still auditioning for the Fall Television Line up. Was named # 1 AGAIN in Personal Tupperware sales USA AND CANADA at the Tupperware convention in Orlando, FLA in August. Also was awarded my FREE Pontiac G-6 Convertible for sales. This Dee W. Ieye Character has really taken off for me and I am booked out for parties 3 months in advance. There is talk of a reality show for Dee or maybe her own show. Time will tell.

I've been featured in the Orange County Register as a top-selling and most entertaining Tupperware consultant. Frank Mickadeit, columnist for the OC Register, describes his experience at my Tupperware party in Newport Beach "like no other Tupperware party." Click here to view the article in entirety.

FALL 2006
Once again, I returned to the hit NBC comedy MY NAME IS EARL. The episode aired Thursday, October 12, 2006. They are great fun to work with and I am so grateful to be working with them. October also has me returning to the Aid for AIDS fundraising show, Best in Drag Show. This is their #1 money maker. Last year we raised over $230,000. Aid For AIDS, which prevents homelessness and hunger and improves the quality of life for those disabled and impoverished by HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles.

August found me attending the Annual Tupperware Jubilee in Orlando, FL., where I was recognized as #5 in the Nation in Personal Sales for 2005. Then, for the sales month of July, I moved up to #1 in the Nation. Great fun. I started selling Tupperware and doing in-home demos just a year ago March, and my business has exploded. The best "actor survival" job I have ever had.